CCSU's All Male A Cappella Group Divisi
We are Divisi, one of Central Connecticut State's All-Male A Cappella groups. Divisi is a group that prides itself on its ability to sing fun, entertaining, and supremely musical repertoire while still balancing great internal and external relationships. The most important part of our mission is that our audiences leave feeling entertained and encouraged to spread our music to others.

We stand for unity, brotherhood, a love for all, and a genuine love for music.
Divisi provides musical entertainment for many audiences. This includes:
  • Public Schools
  • Universities/Colleges
  • Local Communities
  • Some Out-Of-State Communities in
    • ​Massachusetts
    • New York​​
    • Vermont
    • Rhode Island
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are not within this list!  We may be able to make an exception depending on your location and our availability.
The members and alumni of Divisi take pride in all the accomplishments that have been made in the past. From competitions, national recognition, and CARA nominations we always strive for the best.
In December of 2015, Divisi's rendition of Nick Jonas' song "Jealous" from their latest EP, "Snapshot" was chosen as one of the tracks for Varsity Vocals' annual compilation album, "Best of Collegiate A Cappella 2016"
This past year, Divisi went on their first, winter tour to raise money for music programs across the state of Connecticut. They hope to make this tour a yearly tradition and continue to spread their love of music to others.
In 2014, Divisi competed in Boston Sings Collegiate Competition, and won 2nd place. This could not have been done without the hard work put in by each member and of course, the Music Director of this era, Andy Degan.

Songs Performed:

  • Too Close/Radioactive/Titanium 
    • ​Soloists: Chris Brown and Micheal Leona
    • Arrangers: Andy Degan, Micheal Brown, and Micheal Leona
  • Ain't Nothing Wrong WithThat
    • Soloists: Stephen Strong and Andy Degan
    • Arranger: Andy Degan
  • Stay
    • ​Soloist: Andy Degan
    • Arranger: Andy Degan
  • Sax Man
    • ​Soloists: Kevin Walsh, Matt Weisher, Andy Degan,
    • Arrangers: Kevin Walsh and the collaborative minds of Divisi 2012-2014
In 2012, Divisi's version of "Breakeven" by The Script from their first album entitled "Until The Next One" was chosen on the national A Cappella compilation album, "Voices Only 2012"

The Founder Of Divisi

Marques Jerrell Ruff

Marques Jerrell Ruff founded Divisi in September of 2005. A vocal performance major who had an appetite for success recruited eight promising beacons of hope, and started the very first All Male A Capella group of Central Connecticut State University in conjunction with The ACABellas (which was founded by Megan LaPorta). This became known as the A Capella Society, and is currently home to five different A Capella groups:
Marques Ruff now tours around the world with the esteemed Chanticleer. Thanks to what Ruff started, Divisi has now become a musical force for all to see and hear.
"Make your dreams a reality." - M. Ruff